Team Members

Left to Right

  • Erik Flores


    Supply chain star, helping us keep our lovely products in stock and waiting for your order!

  • Krys H Westfall

    Treasurer, Historian

    Googler expert and the sunniest person in our office. Krys enjoys photography and holds the record for coolest car in the office… a dry erase board!

  • Jennifer Kavannagh


    Director of Sales and super sweet supporter for our customers.

  • Becca Nyman

    Jonathan’s Place Chair

    Known for her sweet nature, Becca could sell you your own shoe with her Kansas City charm. But don’t let that fool you, during college basketball season, she can “Rock Chalk” it like no other!

  • Philip Brinkerhoff


    Our resident self-appointed morning hugger and the COO of SEI. Phil always fills our office with smiles and keeps operations in check!

  • Jamie Taflinger

    President, Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas Chair

    Operations coordinator by day and stuff-maker by night, Jamie spends much of her free time doing DIY projects… That is, when she’s not playing with her pug mix or making friendly bets on competitive sports!

  • Michelle Joffe


    Our Marketing Assistant and copywriter extraordinaire, and spoiler of two adorable four-legged family members.

  • Adam Dagley

    Photographer, FARA Chair

    Our resident photographer, Adam can often be found jamming to lively classical music in his photo studio while working with a power drill!

  • Christi Fitch


    The designy-ist person on our team, Christi has a Great Dane that could eat your dog (but he won’t!).

  • Tyler Ott


    Our dedicated Warehouse Manager and volunteer rep for our Pennsylvania fulfillment center!

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